Digital Expo 2018

Masterclass: Social Media Marketing of Events

March 1-3, 2018, Hannover, Germany

Digital Expo

Social Media: Strategies, Technologies and Analytics

The Digital Expo is committed to expanding the conversation on social media marketing of events. Event marketing, attendance, participation and collaboration are the key goals we seek to accomplish through the use of social media. Social media has evolved into a broad term for a wide spectrum of interactive and user-driven content technologies, including social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Event marketing managers are embracing social media technology as a critical component of event management process, and our forum will explore how best to use social media to accomplish event attendance, engage the right audience and ensure lively dialogue with participants.

Case studies

Context Brokering Market
U.S. Federal Government Mass Media Market
Virtual Conference & Trade Show Market
Browser as a Service Market
Digital Camera Market Analysis
Disruption in the Digital Camera Market

Workshop participants will be required to submit a presentation outlining all stages of digital media campaign, from planning to execution. Suggested topics of events:

WebDev News

Domain Market News